Universal Google Analytics with Enhanced eCommerce Tracking for RTP eStore

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The Problem with RTP eStore and Analytics For over a decade Active Network’s RTP|One eStore has only been configurable for classic Google Analytics (GA) tracking (ga.js). This would be fine if was still 2011 and we were all still raving about the Motorola Droid, but its not and we’re not. Today Universal Analytics is Google’s latest and greatest freemium-based product and pricing … Read More

Google Tag Manager dataLayer & Analytics Integration for Siriusware

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Siriusware is a popular self-hosted eCommerce solution used by many destination and ski resort clients to manage their lift ticket, season pass, and other admissions POS (point-of-sale) operations. As of the date of this blog post, Siriusware has not yet translated it’s tracking scripts to the latest Google Analytics (GA) method being Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM) script container administration. A Solution for a Common Client Problem … Read More

Authorize.net explains the Independence Weekend fiasco

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Detailed below is Authorize.net’s explanation of outage from 3am eastern July 3,2009 to nearly 3pm eastern. Hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of transactions were affected, including some of VickeryHill’s customers. Our use of AlertSite to monitor transactions on a customer’s site, www.verilux.com, made us one of the first to learn of the problem and, dare we say, instrumental … Read More