Taking a Vermont Country Store Web Presence into the Future

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REBUILDING A VERMONT GENERAL STORE LANDMARK (ON THE WEB) The Warren Store is one of those places that you just have to go to and can’t forget when you leave. Part general store, part deli, part wine shop and craft beer mecca…the Warren Store is many things to many people. Locals crave the ‘Number Six’ sandwich (think Thanksgiving dinner on a homemade baguette). Screenshot … Read More

Alternative ways to be a greener business in Vermont

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We try to do right at every turn in our daily lives. In the case of our business, we try to buy services and products from companies that provide the best service and are also smart citizens of this little planet we live on. We’ve shut down internal servers and moved their load to the ‘cloud’, we outfitted the barn … Read More

Company Christmas Cooking Class

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When it came time to do a little holiday celebration this year, we wanted to do something a little different. Ilse & I figured everyone could use something nice for their kitchen and we’ve always loved The Store in Waitsfield. We arranged a customized cooking class with John Lumbra the The Store’s Teaching Kitchen for early February and ordered everyone at … Read More