Company Christmas Cooking Class

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When it came time to do a little holiday celebration this year, we wanted to do something a little different. Ilse & I figured everyone could use something nice for their kitchen and we’ve always loved The Store in Waitsfield.

We arranged a customized cooking class with John Lumbra the The Store’s Teaching Kitchen for early February and ordered everyone at VickeryHill a Christmas gift card. The Store even ponied up a 20% discount for everyone the night of our class!

John smartly prepared items that would take longer than our 2 hours class to do right: marinated chicken breasts, chopped vegetables, etc. He then spent the first 15 minutes of our class showing us kitchen prep techniques that would save us time and give us better results in the future.

Each of us (and our partners) had multiple times behind the counter helping cut onions, peel ginger and even create sauces for our meal. John is very entertaining and makes you feel at home learning new things and making a meal for your friends. Even those of us who fumble in the kitchen learned something new.

We made every portion of our meal including a cake and ice cream for dessert. Once the heavy tools were put down, John let us imbibe in a few glasses of wine and Vermont craft beers you are allowed to bring yourself (BYOB).

Following dinner and dessert, they opened up the retail Store and let us all privately shop with our Christmas gift cards – with that 20% kicker bonus!

We all agreed by night’s end that this was our best holiday party ever and we would love to do different food style cooking classes with Chef John Lumbra in the future. Many thanks to The Store for creating a learning, entertaining and affordable cooking class series!