For over 15 years, VickeryHill has tried to recommend and work with the best service providers and technologist money can buy. We don’t like wasting dollars unnecessarily, so we focus on quality of service and customer support. If they’ll answer an emergency response call at 2:00am on a Saturday like we will, then they’ve reached the first threshold.

We don’t actually host our own sites or have internal services running. We find companies that provide the technology services our clients need and if we aren’t already recommending them, we interview, research and then stick our toe in the water to see how they operate.

Kiosk Pro

Kiosk Pro

We Google’d upon Kiosk Pro’s app when asked by a new client to build them a kiosk that could be placed around various retail locations for destination tourists. Their iOS app runs well on iPads and allows us to block many features that would make an iPad unusable as a kiosk. By building a custom web interface made for tapping on a tablet … Read More


Valley.Works: a tech Coworking space and Digital Lab in the Mad River Valley

We’ve been deeply involved in technology in the Mad River Valley since our inception in 2000. When Samantha Sheehan told us about her plans to start a tech office space in the valley, the only question was ‘what did she need’ from us. Steve explained how we had tried to do this before in other open retail/office spaces but that we never just … Read More

High Five

High Five

We’ve toyed around with Skype and despised having to add people as contacts before being able to communicate with them. We’ve tried Google Hangouts – not very intuitive and also difficult for those that are less technically inclined. Then, in early 2015, the kids at Notabli introduced us to High Five: an elegant piece of hardware that sits atop a flat screen … Read More

Hover registrar and DNS management


Simplicity in domain registration, DNS management and even email forwarding. Solid online and telephone support. People who care. A dashboard that works and just about anyone can figure out. When it comes down to it, for many people the Internet and domains and DNS and all that is just a black box they don’t understand. Hover keeps it simple and straightforward. And that’s … Read More


Inntopia helps manage central reservations and online bookings

Inntopia is a Stowe, VT-based application service provider that has honed the art of the hosted Central Reservations System (CRS) and Internet Booking Engine (IBE). We initially met them when one of our mutual clients (Sugarbush Resort) asked us to help them implement Inntopia’s booking path so they could sell lodging and packages online. Since that day, we have not … Read More

Google Partners

Google Partner VickeryHill

Steve (and everyNetwork co-worker, Jeremy Vignaux) bumped into Google back in 1999 after a San Francisco trip to visit venture capitalists found this cool, simple little search engine that worked better than most. Boy, have they come a long way. Everyone at VickeryHill uses some Google feature daily, if not hourly: Google Analytics Google AdWords Webmaster Tools / Search Console Search Website Optimizer Google … Read More


Bomgar rocks remote management

Bomgar simplifies remote support – plain and simple. In short, it is a small hardware box running a complete remote control software suite that lets us show your our screen or take control of yours. We have a secondary internet connection hosting only our Bomgar B100 remote control box and an AT&T 3G MicroCell. This connection lets us securely train remote … Read More

HD Relay video streaming

HD Relay streams webcams to the world

When one of our clients wants to install webcams that will be looked at by more than 5 or 10 visitors at once, we like using HD Relay to pay for video feed management. When you purchase a nice webcam, typically they have a built-in chip that lets them display video to 10-20 visitors at once. The only drawback is … Read More

Alerts by SmartBear

Alertsite provides enterprise-quality web application monitoring

AlertSite is VickeryHill’s perferred method of website monitoring. While a bit more expensive than Alertra, Alertsite’s worldwide infrastructure provide the level of monitoring needed for websites and online storefronts that have to up and running 24×7. They offer a whole suite of monitoring products for internet-based applications: Web Site Performance Monitor SLA Performance Monitor Server Availability Monitor Business Transaction Monitoring Email … Read More


Alertra brings affordable website monitoring to the masses

Alertra is a website monitoring service that monitors and detects outages on the fly for VickeryHill’s support staff. We have been using it for over 4 years and found that, at the lowest price point of $12/yr, it is one heck of an insurance policy for websites hosted all over the Internet. We use Alertra to monitor: VickeryHill mail server(s) … Read More

Constant Contact

Constant Contact gives our clients solid broadcast email marketing tools

Email Marketing by Constant Contact® is the easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members. You can create high-impact, professional-looking emails—quickly and with no technical expertise. If you want more advanced customization, delivery and/or consulting on your broadcast email, event registration or online surveys, VickeryHill can help you with your ConstantContact. And, most … Read More

Mail chimp

Broadcast email from a sarcastic chimpanzee?

MailChimp has turned into a nice second-source for broadcast email services to VickeryHill clients. While we used to recommend Constant Contact almost exclusively, we have come to love the extra mile MailChimp has put into their product. The client UI is clean and comfortably heavy with graphics and they have fun with their interface. The user experience is fairly straightforward and the emails … Read More

Fresh books


Freshbooks works for VickeryHill! In 2013, we made the decision to halt development of our custom time entry system (called 3hills) and migrate all time entry, expenses, estimating and invoices to up-and-coming Toronto-based Freshbooks. We get a common dashboard showing time entered, expenses get imported automatically from our credit cards using their connection service and we generate expenses from within … Read More

Rackspace cloud hosting

Rackspace provides quality cloud hosting with fanatical support

A good web development company, with clients nationwide, needs a Website & Application hosting company that provides reliable service, affordable pricing and high-quality support. We spent nearly a year researching web hosting providers for our second 10 years of business and one stood head-and-shoulders above the rest: RackSpace. Rackspace product line includes Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Email & Apps as well as Hybrid … Read More