Level Up: How a Website Gets to You


We woke up to this post-apocalypse image this morning. It’s our worst nightmare. Your website is down, and there’s nothing we can do about it. You see, the internet isn’t just a bunch of wires from your local internet service provider (ISP). The bandwidth they provide comes from a larger provider. It’s like your local grocery store. Products don’t just … Read More

WTF! Where’s my Google Analytics Referral Data?


Remember back in the day when Google said it was going to start putting some weight behind sites that were secure? Well, they’ve done that and the internet world has begun implementing https websites from sea to shining sea. (Cue the America the Beautiful. ) We’re all for secure websites and we’ve started moving clients in that direction. One major (another musical … Read More

Google Tag Manager Upgrade for Sirusware

Google Tag Manager dataLayer & Analytics Integration for Siriusware

vickeryhillAnalytics, eCommerce

Siriusware is a popular self-hosted eCommerce solution used by many destination and ski resort clients to manage their lift ticket, season pass, and other admissions POS (point-of-sale) operations. As of the date of this blog post, Siriusware has not yet translated it’s tracking scripts to the latest Google Analytics (GA) method being Universal Analytics via Google Tag Manager (GTM) script container administration. A Solution for a Common Client Problem … Read More

Opening an Embedded Travel Planning Widget via Custom URL Link

vickeryhillWeb Development

Trip planning widgets are great tools for getting the destination visitor to engage beyond basic site navigation. The planning widget we originaly created for TourismFernie.com can be launched via navigation from any page. After 18 months of use, management at Tourism Fernie wanted to the ability to create a custom URL to any page on there site with the trip planning modal already open.  They … Read More

Scroll Distance Variable Array with category, action, label, and value for scroll depth tracking using GTM.

Scroll Depth Tracking For Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager


A few years ago we wrote an article about Scroll Depth Tracking using Classic (Asynchronous) GA using Rob Flaherty’s Scroll Depth project. The project has since been improved to allow for Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics. In this article we’ll set up Scroll Depth tracking using Rob’s latest method in GTM for another single page sub-domain for Copper Colorado. This will … Read More

Google Search

Why Isn’t Google Using My Website’s Meta Title & Description?

vickeryhillAnalytics, Content Management Systems

Many years ago, a website’s administrator could control how their website’s title and description would display in Google organic search results using the meta title and meta description fields. <title>Web Developers, Designers &amp; Consultants | VickeryHill</title> <meta name=”description” content=”A group of web developers and consultants based out of the Mad River Valley focused on helping businesses utilize and understand the web.” /> … Read More

Warren Store

Taking a Vermont Country Store Web Presence into the Future

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REBUILDING A VERMONT GENERAL STORE LANDMARK (ON THE WEB) The Warren Store is one of those places that you just have to go to and can’t forget when you leave. Part general store, part deli, part wine shop and craft beer mecca…the Warren Store is many things to many people. Locals crave the ‘Number Six’ sandwich (think Thanksgiving dinner on a homemade baguette). Screenshot … Read More

Filtering Out Ghost Bot Spam Referral Web Traffic

Fixing Spam Referrals and Ghost Sessions within Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


“HOUSTON, WE’VE HAD A PROBLEM HERE!” In early 2015, we identified a surge in malware infecting some of our clients’ websites that run on WordPress. WordPress is an open-source tool that allows developers to build simple content management websites quickly and efficiently. Like any open-source tool, WordPress is prone to malicious attacks. The majority of these attacks are quickly identified … Read More

Vimeo Real Time Video Views in Google Analytics

Track Vimeo Click Events for Google Universal Analytics in Tag Manager Using vimeo.ga.js

vickeryhill3rd Party Integrations, Analytics

When you’re planning for and investing the time, energy and financial resources to create beautiful video assets for your business you should also set usage goals to help validate your return on that video investment. In this article we’ll review and be using vimeo.ga.js which was developed by Sander Heilbron to track Vimeo Player API events in Google Analytics. From Sander’s documentation we’ll elaborate the step by step … Read More

Custom Google Analytics Segments

Custom Segments in Google Analytics


Google Analytics has a very useful feature called Custom Segments which allows users to create and filter custom datasets for all your reporting with a few simple steps. What makes Custom Segments different from the stock search and advanced filtering dimensions and metrics are twofold: Users are able to select and SAVE the segment, and not have to re-apply manually with each report viewed. Users … Read More

Google Analytics Data Layer

Using Google Tag Manager Macros with Analytics dataLayer and Ecommerce Transaction Variables for Agency Tracking Tags

vickeryhill3rd Party Integrations, Analytics

So you have jumped on board the Google Tag Management Train to help streamline your website’s anlytics needs. You’ve done your research and configured basic analytics and conversion tracking using the dataLayer and your GTM container. Now you have a 3rd party conversion tracking script/pixel/iFrame from an advertising agency that is NOT on the pre-defined list of Google affiliated or vetted remarketing, display, search, … Read More

How to Track Custom URLs in Radio / Print Advertising


We all know how to track campaign URLs in ads that appear online, right? Of course we do. We use Google’s URL builder. This tool allows us to create custom campaigns that we can then easily view in Google Analytics. Our friends at Bolton Valley Ski Resort use this tool well. They enter the campaign source, medium and name and we’re able to … Read More


Controlling iFrames for CMS Users & Responsive Website Design

vickeryhillWeb Development

Responsive Content Management Systems with iFrames It’s great when you can provide a client with a content management system (CMS) that allows them control a large variety of content assets and features all on their own like: maps, photo galleries, hours of operation, contact forms, social media, promotions, and more. But the more control they are given, the more opportunity CMS users … Read More

Greener Businesses

Alternative ways to be a greener business in Vermont

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We try to do right at every turn in our daily lives. In the case of our business, we try to buy services and products from companies that provide the best service and are also smart citizens of this little planet we live on. We’ve shut down internal servers and moved their load to the ‘cloud’, we outfitted the barn … Read More

Surfing promising memes, then 301ing when they don’t pan out

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Self-built Bandwagon? Last March (2013), while listening to Kai Ryssdal on Marketplace, I heard a phrase coined that, should the government mess get worse, might stick. SequesterLand. I pulled over, hopped on Hover.com and bought it: sequesterland.com. That night, I spent 2 hours setting up a simple WordPress website on one of our Rackspace servers, setup a simple image-centric theme … Read More

Cooking Class

Company Christmas Cooking Class

vickeryhillWeb Design

When it came time to do a little holiday celebration this year, we wanted to do something a little different. Ilse & I figured everyone could use something nice for their kitchen and we’ve always loved The Store in Waitsfield. We arranged a customized cooking class with John Lumbra the The Store’s Teaching Kitchen for early February and ordered everyone at … Read More

Script Labs prenatal vitamins, scar eraser and lubricating gel

vickeryhillContent Management Systems, Web Development, Web Marketing

By Steve Butcher Back in 2009, we got a call from a second-home owner in the Mad River Valley who needed help on the web. He had started a company called Script Labs to market products for women related to his gynecological practice in Manhattan. The Script Labs products included prenatal vitamins for pregnancy and women trying to become pregnant, … Read More

Universal Analytics new web property controls from Google

vickeryhillAnalytics, Web Development

An Introduction to Universal Analytics By Steve Butcher Today we got the invite to Universal Analytics from Google and implemented it on vickeryhill.com’s www and blog properties. There are some interesting and helpful settings on web properties that you can now configure and gain better insights into your visitors, without having to adjust snippet settings or custom code things. Implementing … Read More

Tracking visitor scroll depth using Google Analytics

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Looking for Instructions to track for Universal GA & GTM? Read Scroll Depth Tracking For Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager. The Big Questions How engaged are your website’s readers and how much of your website do they actual view or read? Do your page introductions (top content) encourage readers to continue reading through to the bottom or are they bored … Read More