Kiosk Pro


We Google’d upon Kiosk Pro’s app when asked by a new client to build them a kiosk that could be placed around various retail locations for destination tourists. Their iOS app runs well on iPads and allows us to block many features that would make an iPad unusable as a kiosk.

By building a custom web interface made for tapping on a tablet screen size, we can display information to the walk-up visitor and even do some pretty neat 3rd-party stuff including:

  • Large-format data display
  • Google/other Mapping integration
  • Email/SMS capability
  • Advanced Analytics integration tied to website data

mad river valley web and kiosks

We’ve got over a dozen iPad kiosks now serving the public in the Mad River Valley, Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley, and the Jay Peak area. Kiosks aren just for tourist destinations. We’ve sketched out multiple other uses including speeding up customer service desks, data capture setups for trade shows or conferences, and how about using one to allow walk-up visitors to learn more about something using a kiosk to select information and play videos on a larger, connected screen? The opportunities are endless.

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