Script Labs prenatal vitamins, scar eraser and lubricating gel

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Back in 2009, we got a call from a second-home owner in the Mad River Valley who needed help on the web. He had started a company called Script Labs to market products for women related to his gynecological practice in Manhattan.

The Script Labs products included prenatal vitamins for pregnancy and women trying to become pregnant, a DHA supplement for all women, the most effective scar and stretch mark creams as well as botanical formulas for feminine lubrication, bath salts and a bee’s wax based salve.

They had contracted a group in Croatia to build them an online store within Network Solutions Monster Commerce and the project had stalled prior to completion.

prenatal vitamins, post pregnancy balm, scar eraser and lubracating gel

We picked up the web development pieces and started off by recommending they use the tried and true eCommerce platform called Miva Merchant and that we move the website hosting to Hostasaurus.

Their plan was to sell to other doctor’s offices wholesale and drive sales via referral. Patients would visit their gynecologist with needs that the product could help with and the doctor’s would sell the Script Labs products to them directly.

We recommended against it, suggesting that online sales would be more effective directly to the customer via search engine optimization and inbound web referrals. The doctor’s offices could be a good second source, and if they did their intended job, direct sales could come from their referrals as well.

prenatal products, pregnancy scar removers and lubricating gel

Script Labs went with the login-required wholesale plan and, although their product was of the highest quality and well-received, they had problems getting doctors to purchase wholesale to resell in their offices. Eventually, we modified the site to be an open store selling their pre and post natal products directly to the retail customer.

Sadly, on May 29, 2013, Dr. Gubernick emailed and stated that “script labs is devoid of funds and is now closed down.” We made steps to shut down hosting, created this blog post and redirected the domain to this page. Sad end to a promising dream.

If you need more information about the now defunct Script-Labs or their products, please contact Dr. Martin Gubernick’s office in New York City.