How to Track Custom URLs in Radio / Print Advertising


We all know how to track campaign URLs in ads that appear online, right? Of course we do. We use Google’s Campaign Builder. This tool allows us to create custom campaigns that we can then easily view in Google Analytics.

Our friends at Bolton Valley Ski Resort use this tool well. They enter the campaign source, medium and name and we’re able to easily track the results in Analytics.


Bolton Valley recently advertised their Ski & Stay Packages and Lift Ticket Specials on several local radio stations. Radio offers a unique challenge because you can’t run off long URLs that the listener will remember. We needed a short URL that we could still track.


Once again, Google’s URL builder to the rescue. The URL builder plus a series of redirects gave us the results we were looking for.


1) Create the lift ticket specials landing page

2) Build the links using Google’s URL builder

  • utm_source = radio station name
  • utm_medium = radio
  • utm_campaign = radiothreepack

3) Create the short URL and add the redirect REDIRECT TO


The combination of URL builder plus redirects gave us exactly what we were hoping for. We were able to analyze the effectiveness of each custom radio URL in analytics.