Tracking Weebly & Square with Google Analytics

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In the midst of the current pandemic, many small businesses are in a rush to sell their products online. Let’s face it. Money may be tough to come by and time is of the upmost importance, so most are looking for the easiest, fastest and cheapest option.

If you do a search for online store, you’ll come across the usual suspects.

More and more though, we are seeing small businesses signup for Weebly, which is on online store powered by Square.

Weebly is a point-and-shoot platform where you select your template, add some products and connect to your bank account. Easy as pie. (Unless you’re baking-challenged like me and find baking a pie to be a pain in the ash when you can just buy one from the local bakery. But in times like this you can’t go to your local bakery, so you’re left without a pie and take your frustrations out on this blog post instead.)

I’m not knocking Weebly. It’s a great tool for what it is. But if you’re adding a Weebly site as a part of a larger picture or you found this page because you’re Google Analytics tracking on Weebly isn’t work, there are some things to consider.

I should note here that result may vary. Your setup and my setup may be different, but I’m not the only one who has experienced the issues that I describe below, so I thought it was fair to highlight them.

Duplicate Page Views

You set up your Weebly site and followed the instructions for adding Google Analytics. After a day, you look in Analytics and see that you have 1,000 page views even though you know that only you visited the site while setting it up and adding products. Well, chances are that you have the same issue that I did. A single page load is being recorded multiple time. What the fork!

I have Tag Assistant installed in my Chrome browser. I’m happy as long as it’s green. While browsing a Weebly site that was sent to me, I noticed Tag Assistant was yellow and the issue was duplicate page views. I was able to get access to the site’s Analytics account and could see in real-time that my one page view was returning five in Analytics.

I worked with the website owner and could see that they followed the instructions from the Weebly documentation. After some fiddling around in the Weebly CMS we decided to remove the tracking ID from the file and manually add the entire tracking script to the custom code section. Voila! Duplicate page views gone.

Square Google Analytics
Remove this
Square custom header code
Add Global Site Tag script here

Ecommerce Tracking

You’d think that adding the tracking ID to one spot in Weebly would take care of all parts of your website. Nope. It turns out that you have to add the tracking ID again to the Square portion of the site.

Once again I worked with the website owner and found where we needed to add the tracking ID in the CMS. Then we went back to the checkout page and the Tag Assistant was red. It was showing that the tracking ID was wrong. There was an additional UA- in front of the UA- we added.

Square tracking ID
Don’t include UA- when entering tracking ID

Don’t add the UA- when you paste the tracking ID in the ecommerce section of the CMS. For some reason, Square will insert that for you.

Bonus: Ecommerce Goal

Because we are unapologetic in our love for Analytics, of course we are going to want to add a purchase goal. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Weebly / Square documentation, but was able to determine the funnel and conversion goal URLs from the Site Content report.

Name: Checkout complete
Type: Destination
URL: Equals to /store/checkout/?phase=receipt