Our story begins with two friends – Steve & Ilse. In 1997, they met at NETC in Boston — Steve, the network engineer with everyNetwork and Ilse, the operations manager of NETC. By 1999, they were both living in Vermont’s Mad River Valley and developing a new business plan:help people utilize the Internet for their business.

On March 6, 2000, Steve launched the Internet-consulting business, VickeryHill.com, in grand fashion with his little-publicized, but much enjoyed, SmartBeetle trip. Forty-six days later, he was back in Vermont working on Harpoon Brewery’s online storefront. By October, Steve was busy, needed full-time help… and so Ilse officially joined VickeryHill.

Combining new technology, creativity and our unique strengths, VickeryHill’s was founded to build solutions for businesses using Internet technology. We strive to provide excellent customer service and develop a better world than the one we woke up to.

Steve Butcher

Steve Butcher | Co-Founder, Sales & Engineering

Raised on a farm in central Michigan, partially educated in Boston and full time in Vermont, Steve started VickeryHill.com with Ilse Sigmund in 2000. After co-founding everyNetwork and long stints building Local and Wide-Area Networks in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, London and many other places, he took off on the almost-famous SmartBeetle concept journey to kick start VickeryHill.

He currently lives in Warren, walks 150ft to work and spends time with his wife Carrie and dog Sadie. He can often be seen driving up, over and around Vermont’s mountains in his Smarter VW Beetle, Sally.

After years of learning, teaching and consulting on Google Analytics, Steve finally became a Google Analytics Qualified Individual in July of 2010.

Find me online at Google+, Facebook, Twitter or maybe just wandering around, looking for wrongs that need righting.

Ilse Sigmund

Ilse Sigmund | Co-Founder, Developer

Ilse started VickeryHill.com with Steve in 2000. Life before VickeryHill included Middlebury College, founding student travel business NETC in Boston, MA, corporate stint at IDX in Burlington, VT and travel to as many new destinations as possible in between. Ilse currently splits her time between Jersey City, NJ and Moretown, VT and enjoys spending time with husband Don, two sons Kurt & Derek, friends and family.

Jay Pompar

Jay Pompar | Developer

Jay joined Vickery Hill in May 2005 and is primarily responsible for the development, maintenance, and search engine optimization of client websites. Prior to his arrival, he was the Marketing & Directory Administrator at Waitsfield & Champlain Valley Telecom. Jay currently resides in Southwest Florida, but spends his summers in New England.

Jay is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. He is also certified in AdWords Fundamentals and Mobile Advertising.