During the past 15+ years of building website applications for businesses, we’ve seen the grey areas between web development/design and marketing growing into large grey clouds covering many aspects of a business sales, marketing and even operations. What used to be simply online advertising has turned into social channels, indirect referral sources, broadcast email marketing and multi-channel funnel analysis.

Add to that the 2013 and 2014 ‘corrections’ Google made to their algorithm, the daily use of Facebook (and other social networks) by billions, as well as the surge in Remarketing and we find it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between scanning your Facebook feed, writing a blog post for work or checking in with Foursquare. Personal boundries are blurred when you are surfing for a vacation at home and you see an ad for that Rackspace cloud hosting service you were costing out at work. Personal Facebook friends are managing business Facebook Page accounts and advertising to you. “…Cats and dogs living together…”

You get the picture. It’s all a muddled mess.

While we are not a branding agency and do not pretend to understand the intricacies of massive ad buys with Conde Naste, we do understand online marketing. We’ve even been a part of some 5-6 figure viral mayhem on the InterWebs while consulting on:

  • Website Content Generation
  • Facebook Page Management
  • Broadcast Email setup, integration and content development
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Google Adwords management
  • Social Advertising/Marketing
  • Contest & Sweepstakes development
  • Online video development

So, if you need help understanding how all this muddled mess is interconnected – give us a shout, we’ve probably seen it, know how it works and could give you some productive consultation.