While you may think you ‘need’ a business website like you used to need business cards, we like to show real value in your public/private website by tracking as much about the visitor as possible. With every new project, we highly recommend implementing Google Analytics to begin the process of learning about your visitors. As Steve often says, “if you ain’t trackin’, you ain’t livin’.”

Visitor usage

What good is tracking visitors unless you can see details about them like browser type, screen resolution, city/state/country, time of day, length of visit, etc. Basic Google Analytics tracking gives you this and a whole lot more. With the new dashboard beta brought online recently, you can really get deep into the visitor data including:

Referral sources

Does your website use forms to gather information from the user and ask them to submit it? Imagine having the referral source data embedded in the form results (and your lead database) on every response. Over time your knowledge of what sources are sending you leads, which leads are converting and which referrals are duds will help you spend (or not spend) that next marketing dollar. Choose wisely, not blindly.

Goal conversions

As Darwin Mayflower once said so infamously, “I got myself a new goal…World Domination!” If you don’t have any goals for your website, how can you tell how well (or poorly its performing)? We work with all of our clients to determine what it is the visitor SHOULD be doing, setup tracking to determine who is doing it, then analyze the results.

eCommerce tracking

Selling your wares on the internet? Are you tracking the dollars against your visitor source data? Do you inspect the funnel and optimize your website application so more qualified visitors do what you want them to? These are just a few of the questions we ask, then show you how to successfully answer.

Cross-Domain tracking, Site Search, Event Tracking and beyond

Very few websites actually use analytics like it should be. We don’t like putting limits on technology, so we go the extra mile to help you connect disparate vendor sites, blogs, site searches, third-party shopping carts and everything in between. Why not track it all – you might learn something.

VickeryHill.com currently has two Google Analytics Qualified Individuals on staff (Jay and Steve) and is applying to become a GA Certified Partner.

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