.What is a Web Development? We call anything running on the web that has an interactive or changing nature a ‘web application.’ Writing code or scripts to make that work is web development. This could be something as simple as a ‘business card’ website with a contact form that extracts the traffic source/medium data when your lead submits. It could be as complex as a third-party weather system that integrates live temperature data to an interactive ski resort trail map.

We create websites, SEO-optimized lead generators, eCommerce storefronts, content management systems (CMS), Google-Analytics-integrated forms and conversion points, business operations databases integrated into extranets, sweepstakes and contests, time & billing extranets and more.

Name the type of web application, we’ve probably seen it or built it:

We try to start each web development project methodically and in organized fashion. We ask the hard questions first, and this helps lay a solid foundation for our relationship:

  • Do you have a budget?
  • Are we retrofitting a site or is this your first one?
  • Have you thought about three goals for your new site?
  • Have you created a site map?
  • Where will your traffic come from?
  • How much time to you have to participate, weekly, in the development process?
  • Do you have time to keep up with the site AFTER it goes live?

Just about anyway you need to slice it, we have or can find the right tool or skillset for the job at hand.