We started out managing content by hand 10+ years ago, migrated into a nice application service provider called Atomz, dabbled in a few open source platforms (Drupal, Joomla, etc) and finally settled on developing modular but custom content management systems (CMS) for our customers.

Granted, the price is right on a system like Joomla or Drupal, but we often get a request from the customer that either cannot be done simply in an open-source platform, or would take so long to customize, we might as well have created a custom CMS in the first place.

Since 2000, we have worked on a handfull of CMS platforms including:

We have also custom-developed dozens of varied feature content management systems that allow:

  • Basic page content editing
  • Meta/Alt/title/link editing
  • multi-tier image galleries
  • Google Analytics Tracking Cookie (GATC) extraction
  • secure login / password retrieval
  • Multi-level user rights
  • Flash banner/content management
  • dynamic URLs
  • broadcast email generation
  • event calendar
  • social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ShareThis)
  • RSS feeds
  • XML in/output
  • advanced contact
  • online booking
  • analytics integration
  • custom searches
  • and many more…

A content management system starts with an initial plan, but needs to evolve with the education of the client and users. We try to anticipate this eventuality on day 1. Take the plunge, get a hold of Steve Butcher at VickeryHill to research whether a CMS is right for you.