To VickeryHill, ‘Rich media’ covers just about everything that is not a flat image or textual content. It may be that your users are leaving your site without taking that call-to-action you desire. Maybe you want more than one image displayed on your home page with different URLs. Perhaps your sales team wants to have a hot webEx link from product demonstration page, or the customer service department could improve turnaround time with a LiveChat interruption on stalled visitor views. We have integrated dozens, if not hundreds, of technology pieces into the web puzzle.

Some common and not-so-common examples of rich media on the web:

  • Facebook pages, groups, feeds
  • Blog creation and customization
  • Twitter feeds
  • Banner advertising
  • LiveChat
  • Video integration (quicktime, YouTube, etc)
  • Photo galleries
  • Google Maps API
  • Surveys
  • Quickbooks
  • Webcams
  • Contest and Sweepstakes
  • Weather system integration
  • Multimedia LCD screens

Whether you are an online visionary exercise for professionals, a wholesaler looking to map your product’s retail locations, or a tourism destination needing advanced analytics consulting, or just interested in ‘spicing up’ the experience for your online user experience, feel free to contact with your idea – no matter how difficult it seems.