Trump Throws in the Towel


Overhwhelming Grief

Apparently overwhelmed with the prospect of overseeing the curve-flattening but eventual reality of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths on his watch, President Trump announced this morning his plans to officially resign the presidency by 8:00 am eastern time Friday April 3, 2020. Asked why the timing, he explained he wanted to give the stock market one last chance to …

Donald Trump to resign as president
A sad morning for the office, but an opportunity for a nation?


I couldn’t think of anything better for April Fool’s Day.

On this 1st of April, 2020, I ask you to consider what went through your mind when you saw the photo, clicked on the link and read the opening paragraph. Anger? Fear? Confusion? Elation?

I believe deep, honest questions and serious, difficult problems are what show a person’s true nature.

The Struggle Is Real

We’re struggling with work, home, family and friends, not to mention retirement plans, income sources, health concerns and overall concern for our fellow humans.

We choose to come to work (safely and in a remote setting) to see what we can do to make things better. Sometimes that assistance comes in setting up a webcam to show a natural park in all it’s glory. Other times it’s working with a professional sports franchise to find out how to better serve their visitors on the web. In almost all cases, our desire to help is what defines us.

Walk Across the Street

Take a minute to think about how you feel right now, how you are working through that with your partner, your sister, your neighbor. Then think about what you can do today to make things a little better. Walk across the street (with some hand sanitizer?) and help someone a little worse off than you.

Oh, and if you need help with something technology-based, drop us a line. We’re here to help.

Oh, and April Fool’s!

Steve Butcher