Bomgar rocks remote management


Bomgar simplifies remote support – plain and simple.

In short, it is a small hardware box running a complete remote control software suite that lets us show your our screen or take control of yours.

VickeryHill Remote Support Portal from BomgarWe have a secondary internet connection hosting only our Bomgar B100 remote control box and an AT&T 3G MicroCell. This connection lets us securely train remote customers via a web interface.

Bomgar also lets us set up “jump clients” on our various workstations and servers – they are permanent remote control connection agents that let us ‘jump’ in and remote control a web server or workstation.

It has changed our training and technical support capabilities over the last two years – letting us see what you see. and we are continually thankful for Bomgar’s wonderful technology and ongoing support.

To get remote help from VickeryHill now, go to our Bomgar Support site now.