goodMix Foods

Andrew McClymont moved to the US in 2015 and decided to start a US ‘sister company’ of his sister’s growing Australia-based healthy foods business right here in Vermont. He made plans to utilize the Mad River Valley Food Hub for production of his healthy nut & seed mixes. He initially started out by introducing the product with demo days at various retail … Read More


When someone walks into your office and says he moved to Central Vermont to start growing a coral reef, you might be justified in thinking he is a little off. But, that is how we met Keith Berkelhamer.   It turns out that when you are an expert aqua-culturist, you can grow a coral  just about anywhere. If you also happen … Read More

Baked Beads

Looking for a recipe for Jewelry sales success: Take a jewerly manufacturing company in Waitsfield, Vermont that prints thousands of high-gloss paper catalogs for their wholesale customers Throw in some retail sales Toss in a store locator database Add a healthy dash of clearance sale broadcast email as well as Facebook advertising Layer over a solid foundation of ‘Internet’ BakedBeads went from … Read More


VickeryHill has been working with Branwell, Gary and the team at HouseNeeds behind the scenes for almost a decade. Our primary focus was on back-end integration between HouseNeeds custom ecommerce website and their internal order processing database. In the spring of 2013, we teamed up with Houseneeds and our designer Jory Raphael (of Sensible World) to revamp the public view of his site. … Read More