Taking a Vermont Country Store Web Presence into the Future

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REBUILDING A VERMONT GENERAL STORE LANDMARK (ON THE WEB) The Warren Store is one of those places that you just have to go to and can’t forget when you leave. Part general store, part deli, part wine shop and craft beer mecca…the Warren Store is many things to many people. Locals crave the ‘Number Six’ sandwich (think Thanksgiving dinner on a homemade baguette). Screenshot … Read More

Script Labs prenatal vitamins, scar eraser and lubricating gel

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By Steve Butcher Back in 2009, we got a call from a second-home owner in the Mad River Valley who needed help on the web. He had started a company called Script Labs to market products for women related to his gynecological practice in Manhattan. The Script Labs products included prenatal vitamins for pregnancy and women trying to become pregnant, … Read More

Authorize.net explains the Independence Weekend fiasco

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Detailed below is Authorize.net’s explanation of outage from 3am eastern July 3,2009 to nearly 3pm eastern. Hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of transactions were affected, including some of VickeryHill’s customers. Our use of AlertSite to monitor transactions on a customer’s site, www.verilux.com, made us one of the first to learn of the problem and, dare we say, instrumental … Read More